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Clinical guidance for responding to suffering in adults with cancer


Membership of Cancer Australia Review and update clinical practice guidelines - Cancer suffering and spirituality issues Working Group

This guideline was developed by a multidisciplinary working group convened by Cancer Australia.

A/Professor Jane Turner (Chair) Psychiatrist
Mr Andrew Allsop Social worker
A/Professor Martin Borg Radiation oncologist
Dr Sue Burney Health Psychologist
Professor Paul de Souza Medical oncologist
Ms Kaye Duffy Consumer
A/Professor Mei Krishnasamy Cancer nurse
Dr Peter Loder Colorectal surgeon
Dr Lisa Miller Psychiatrist
Professor Geoff Mitchell General practitioner
Ms Connie Nikolovski Consumer
Dr Bruce Rumbold Senior academic in theology, spirituality and palliative care
Dr Addie Wootten Clinical psychologist

Cancer Australia Staff

Ms Katrina Anderson Senior Project Officer, Evidence Review
Mr Tamar Dalton Senior Project Officer
Ms Suzanna Henderson Senior Project Officer
Ms Simone de Morgan Senior Project Officer, Evidence Review
Ms Trenna Morris Senior Project Officer
Dr Anne Nelson Manager, Evidence Review
Ms Vivienne O’Callaghan Senior Project Officer
Ms Sue Sinclair General Manager, Service Development and Clinical Practice
Mr Rob Sutherland Manager, Service Development and Clinical Practice
Ms Fleur Webster Manager, Breast Cancer

External Review

Cancer Australia acknowledges those who gave their time to provide comment on the draft guidance document as part of the external review process.

Topic-specific guideline development process

Priority topic areas for guideline development are determined in consultation with key stakeholders including experts in relevant disciplines and consumer representatives. A specific multidisciplinary working group, including consumers, is established for each topic identified and is involved in all aspects of guideline development. A systematic evidence review is undertaken for each guideline. All members are asked to declare any conflicts of interest and these declarations are recorded. The content of the guideline is not influenced by any external funding body. The guideline is reviewed externally by key stakeholders and the wider community and endorsement is sought from relevant professional colleges and groups in Australia.

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Copies of Clinical guidance for responding to suffering in adults with cancer can be downloaded from the Cancer Australia website:

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Cancer Australia. Clinical guidance for responding to suffering in adults with cancer. Cancer Australia, Sydney. 2014


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