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Membership of NBOCC Management of women at high risk of ovarian cancer Working Group

This guideline was developed by a multidisciplinary working group convened by NBOCC.

Associate Professor Peter Grant Gynaecological Oncologist (Chair)
Professor Jon Emery General Practitioner
Associate Professor Judy Kirk Oncologist – Cancer Genetics Specialist
Ms Eugenia Koussidis Consumer Representative
Dr Deborah Neesham Gynaecological Oncologist
Associate Professor Andreas Obermair Gynaecological Oncologist
Dr Melanie Price Psychologist
Professor Peter Russell   Pathologist



Ms Katrina Anderson Project Officer – Research
Ms Jane Francis  Program Manager – Ovarian Cancer
Ms Phillipa Hastings Project Officer
Ms Emma Hanks Senior Project Officer
Dr Anne Nelson Evidence Review & Research Leader
Ms Sue Sinclair General Manager
Ms Rosemary Wade  Senior Project Officer - Research


External Review

NBOCC acknowledges those who gave their time to provide comment on the draft guideline recommendations as part of the external review process.

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