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Follow up of women with epithelial ovarian cancer


This chapter was developed by a multidisciplinary Working Group convened by NBOCC*.

Membership of the NBOCC Follow-up for women with ovarian cancer Working Group:

A/Prof Penny Blomfield Gynaecological oncologist
Dr Alison Brand Gynaecological oncologist
Dr Lynne Brothers Radiologist
Ms Cecily Dollman Social Worker
Ms Letitia Lancaster Clinical nurse consultant -Gynaecological oncology
Ms Wanda Lawson Consumer representative
A/Prof Danielle Mazza General Practitioner
Ms Susanne Melia Consumer representative
A/Prof Anthony Proietto Gynaecological oncologist

Cancer Australia acknowledges the Ovarian Cancer Steering Committee, chaired by Professor Ian Hammond, for their input into the development of this chapter.

Cancer Australia staff involved in the development of this chapter:

Ms Katrina Anderson Project officer - Research
Ms Jane Francis Program Manager - Ovarian Cancer
Ms Phillipa Hastings Project officer
Dr Anne Nelson Evidence Review & Research Leader
Ms Sue Sinclair General Manager
Ms Rosemary Wade Senior Project officer - Research

External review

Cancer Australia acknowledges those who gave their time to provide comment on the chapter revision as part of the external review process.

Topic-specific guideline development process

Priority topic areas for guideline development were determined in consultation with key stakeholders including experts in relevant disciplines and consumer representatives. A specific multidisciplinary Working Group, including consumer representatives, was established for each topic identified and was involved in all aspects of guideline review and development. A systematic evidence review was undertaken for each topic. All members were asked to declare any conflicts of interest and these declarations are recorded.  The content of this revised chapter is not influenced by any external funding body, and is reviewed externally by key stakeholders and the wider community.

* In July 2011, National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC) amalgamated with Cancer Australia to form a single national agency, Cancer Australia, to provide leadership in cancer control and improve outcomes for Australians affected by cancer.

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