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Follow up of women with epithelial ovarian cancer

Key points

  • Reasons for providing follow-up care to women post-treatment for epithelial ovarian cancer include identification of relapse and managing side effects of treatment. Possible options for follow-up and their implications and consequences should be discussed with the woman prior to establishing the format and schedule of follow-up appointments
  • Clinicians should be aware that follow-up appointments are a cause for concern and anxiety for women, and that consideration should be given to strategies to lessen anxiety
  • It is important that a clear and mutually agreed care plan be offered to women who have been treated for epithelial ovarian cancer
  • The decision to initiate re-treatment requires careful consideration based on the individual woman’s situation, and factors including the nature of the recurrence and the wishes of the woman.
  • Women should be fully informed of the pros and cons of routine measurement of CA125 during follow-up and supported to make an informed decision, considering the findings of the randomised controlled trial on follow-up after ovarian cancer.   

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