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Recommendations for use of Chemotherapy

Unanswered questions

Important unanswered questions about the use of chemotherapy in advanced breast cancer are outlined below:

  • What is the optimal duration of chemotherapy, especially when combined with targeted therapy?
  • How would clinical outcomes improve by individualising chemotherapy according to laboratory measures of tumour sensitivity?
  • What is the significance of changes in tumour markers and genetic profiling for use of chemotherapy?
  • What is the optimal duration of targeted therapy when combined with chemotherapy?
  • What evidence is available from clinical trials for treatment of metastatic breast cancer beyond the first-line setting?
  • What are the quality of life and symptom control issues associated with the use of chemotherapy?
  • How could chemotherapy be used in association with endocrine therapies and supportive therapies?
  • When disease progresses, when should targeted therapies be discontinued?

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