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Recommendations for staging and managing the axilla


Membership of the NBOCC Axilla Working Group

This guideline was developed by a multidisciplinary working group convened by NBOCC.

Dr Sue Pendlebury    Radiation Oncologist (Chair)
Dr Melissa Bochner  Surgeon
Professor John Boyages Radiation Oncologist
Ms Jenny Donovan Consumer Representative
Dr Michelle Grogan Radiation Oncologist
Dr Jane O’Brien  Surgeon
Dr Neil Wetzig Surgeon


Ms Heidi Wilcoxon Senior Project Officer (Project Lead)
Ms Katrina Anderson Project Officer – Research
Ms Emma Lonsdale Project Officer
Dr Anne Nelson  Evidence Review and Research Leader
Ms Alison Pearce Program Manager
Ms Rosemary Wade Senior Project Officer – Research

External Review

NBOCC acknowledges those who gave their time to provide comment on the draft guideline recommendations as part of the external review process.

Full details of trial results are provided in the document Management of the axilla for early breast cancer: a systematic review, which can be accessed via the Cancer Australia website:

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