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Recommendations for staging and managing the axilla

Ongoing and additional trials or studies

A number of ongoing trials are investigating the management of the axilla for early breast cancer:

  • accuracy of sentinel node biopsy in a randomised controlled trial comparing sentinel node biopsy versus axillary clearance for multi-focal and larger breast cancers (SNAC2)129
  • a phase III randomised controlled clinical trial assessing complete axillary lymph node dissection versus axillary radiotherapy in sentinel lymph node-positive women with operable invasive breast cancer (EORTC-10981-AMAROS, NCT0001461)130
  • a randomised trial of axillary dissection versus no axillary dissection in patients with clinically node negative breast cancer and micrometastases in the sentinel node (CDR0000339581/IBCSG-23-01/EU-20319/NCT0007229329).131 

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